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FREE 28 Day better posture Challenge


do you know you need better posture, but don't know where to start?

i got you.

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what to expect:

I know that so many of us have to sit at the computer all day long, and end up with back pain, tight-feeling shoulders, and horrible posture. This 28 day challenge was designed to help you achieve your ideal posture! Knowing you need to improve your posture is one thing, but knowing what exercises to do to make lasting change is a whole different thing.


Not only will we work to lengthen and strengthen your musculature, and change the structure of your fascia (connective tissue that surrounds your muscles), we will also create that overall body tone that Pilates is meant to give you!

If you do these exercises with conscious form, you will definitely see a change in your body, confidence, and overall awareness of how you hold yourself.

1. Back pain relief

2. Better breathing and circulation

3. Better digestion

4. Better workout form

5. Internal and external confidence!

6. Less wear and tear on joints


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